Welcome to my Resume

Hi, I’m Miraz Akon
a Motion Designer

As a graphic designer, I am skilled in the art of visual communication. I have a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong understanding of design principles. It is my ability to translate abstract ideas into visually appealing and effective designs that are both effective and appealing.


What I Do


Creative Direction

Brand Strategy, Product Strategy, Research & Analysis & Content Strategy


Brand Identity

Logo Design, Business Card, Pattern, Color Scheme, Typography etc.


Packaging Design

Any type of Packaging, From Boxes and Bags to Labels and Stickers.


Motion Design

Animated Logo, Motion Social media Design or a captivating presentation


Social Media Design

Product manipulation, Flat Design, Conceptual Design ,Abstract or any kind of Design


Flyer Design

Digital Flyer, Informational Flyer, Corporate Flyers, Event Flyers, Promotional Flyers, Educational Flyers etc.

4+ Years of Experience

My Resume


Contact With Me

Miraz Akon

Graphic Designer

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via E-mail or What's App

What's App: +8801645701954 Email: [email protected]